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If you work in the foodservice or hospitality industries, you likely require a refrigeration unit. Commercial refrigerant is an essential part of your refrigeration system, but it doesn’t typically come up during your research unless you are working to make your business efforts more sustainable through the use of more eco-friendly refrigerant types.

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Remote vs. Self-Contained Refrigeration: What You Need to Know

When working in the foodservice and hospitality industries, it's vital that you take all necessary precautions to ensure that your customer's needs are met. When it comes to the necessary equipment to do this, one of the most important investments you'll make is in your refrigeration unit. Unfortunately, it's not always as simple as choosing between a standard or commercial unit. In fact, those in this industry typically must decide between a self-contained refrigeration unit or a remote refrigeration unit.

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How to Start a Successful Mobile Coffee Cart Business

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in America. 

Americans consume an average of 2 to 3 cups of coffee every day. A study by the National Coffee Association showed that 62% of Americans drink coffee daily, while 7 in 10 people admitted to drinking coffee every week. 

Many people drink coffee to improve their mood, increase energy levels, and boost brain function. With hectic schedules, working-class Americans often drink coffee throughout the day and prefer on-the-go options such as mobile coffee carts.

This incessant demand for coffee shows no signs of dwindling any time soon. In fact, coffee consumption is on the increase, making a mobile coffee cart business a lucrative business idea worth exploring.

With its affordable start-up costs, reduced staffing expenses, and flexibility on location and opening hours, the perks of opening a mobile coffee business are attractive.

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Creme Fraiche vs. Sour Cream: What's the Difference?

Crème fraiche vs. sour cream – is there really a difference? The same can be asked when comparing these two dairy products with cream cheese and even mascarpone. If they look so similar, can they be used interchangeably? Can they be stored in the same bakery refrigeration setups? Do they require the same types of mixers to create similar textures?

Before you can decide what to include in your bakery equipment list and how you can include these various products in your recipes, you'll need to first understand the difference between these four commonly confused dairy products.

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